To the Water Lily Pond!



Since we had viewed the lovely murals Monet had painted in his last years while in Paris, it was only right to drop by ‘Chez Monet’ to view his inspiration and see his domain.

Monet’s  little piece of heaven, was created and lovingly mapped and dug and planted, as well as his man made Lily Pond with his chosen shade of “green” for the Japanese Bridge placed at the end of the garden. The flower gardens are brim full of blooms year round and lovingly cared for by master gardeners. Carefully planted and chosen to complement each other, the flowers bow and nod their heads in the breeze as if to let you know they are favored to grow here.   However it is we who are the favored, and brought here to be a part of this artist’s experience! One has to know and search out these havens to get the full experience of the artist’s influence of creativity. In this little village of Giverny outside of Paris, he chose the place with the best of light to make his home. Just walking the path to the Lilly pond, brought to mind this Master up at dawn and setting out for a full days work at his easel, his wife knowing he was captivated in the nature of his work and the beauty of the shadows playing on the water. When looking at his work, the brush strokes are so broad and random, yet they display the beauty of the light hitting the trees and their reflection on the water and the delicate color of the Lily petals as they open to greet another day.

The Grande Alle’ with its nasturtium lawn greets us back at the house, and we are invited in to view the Monet family’s dwelling. His larger than life studio living quarters hold his masters and photographs of family memories of outings. The whole house is awash with color! pink and green cover the walls. the dining area, a large quarter, Is bright  yellow, the kitchen a soft blue. Color certainly displayed Monet’s personality, and I can not imagine Mrs. Monet’s influence anywhere in this home. She must have gone with the flow…But there is so much to enjoy in this space, and it was their piece of heaven!





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