Did I hear someone say “CHOCOLAT?”

Our next stop on our drive was to  Flavigny the little medieval village best known for those cute little oval boxes of French bonbons! And the movie CHOCOLAT.

As we entered the village there were few people around. I can say that we arrived after tourist season and mid day, so usually there are few people out.

For me, it makes it much nicer when I am not having to dodge people or wait patiently as they enjoy the scenery, so today was exquisite for photographing this village!

I had read that this was the little village where the 2000 movie CHOCOLAT had been filmed, and the tour book said that there were no signs pointing out where this movie had been filmed, so I tried my best to ignore any symptoms of stat struck eyes as I proceeded to photograph the village.


As I said there was hardly a person around, and much to my surprise, so many of the wonderful buildings were empty and for sale! This really saddened me, as the people are leaving the charm of the village to find better paying jobs.

We walked to the church and there was a gentleman greeting those few of us who were there, and told us that the  population had dwindled to 400. So sad for such a sweet place to dream of living!

I immediately started dreaming of buying several of these quaint places and working out in my mind quilting retreats with tours including B&B! Wouldn’t that be sweet?!

We ate a quick lunch at the barn next to the church, and then  I succumbed to crossing the street, with big stars in my eyes and photographing this empty shell used for the movie CHOCOLAT.


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