Back to Paris, yes, I said back to Paris, as if we could ever get enough!

This time we stayed in the Latin Quarter with a nice couple that made us feel well at home in their great apartment! OHHH SO PARISIAN!

We spent sunny days with puffy clouds floating by as we sat and watched the boaters in the Luxeombourg Garden, the crowds at the Louvre trying to hold the glass pyramid from their hand and the revilers in the park beyond…. walked the Champs Elysees up

one side and down the other, walked the George V and even were the only witnesses to a wedding at the American Church, which we decided last minute to check out!!

Of course we had to go back to visit our sweetheart the Tour Eiffel and Champ de Mars, to gaze upon her great splendor and majesty, We even found Princess Dianna’s makeshift memorial, with notes of honor and love and allegiance to never forget her. We even visited Victor Hugo’s home.One  day we walked almost  ten miles around the Sein and over her bridges. We got our fill and enjoyed our days. We had a lovely time and made our memories….once again!



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