Long Ago …. Semur ~en~Auxios

How incredibly lucky and Blessed are we to have found this beautiful medieval village to settle in for 5 days!!!

When  scouring Rick Steve’s book on France I came across this little jewel as we were going to drive from Paris to the south of France to the coast. I also investigated towns never seen thru Pinterest. Once my eyes fell on this Village I quickly went to airbnb to see if there were any places there for rent. There were 300!

Semur en Auxois sits above the Armancon River. The fairytale vision of the village stands out as it’s four massive towers stand tall making a statement of it’s presence.There are two very impressive, lovely curving bridges with quaint peek a boo openings for the water to flow through and to give impressive views. The views of the medieval village  reflected in the water are literally breathtaking and awesome.

This quiet little place is excellent to travel around in the Burgundy area and it is just 2 hours from Paris! We stayed in a dear little upstairs cottage at the Maison du Pont overlooking the river. ( There is a Facebook page on this cottage, check it out!)  Once I saw the village online, I knew this was somewhere we needed to experience. It happens to be owned by a gal originally from San Francisco who is married to a Frenchman. We had such a delightful time walking around the village and area around the cottage and driving the area to notable  places, see previous post on Flavigny ~sur~Ozerain.   If you want to be in an absolutely different place and have some quiet time to explore this beautiful area, this is a great place to make your base !







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